Splitting up files from a Cryptomator vault, same key?

I have a really large vault, which may prove challenging to manage. If I want to split this up, can I take content out (directories) and move them to their own “vault” while copying the key to the root of that directory? It would seem I should be able to, but I wanted to see what others might do in this scenario, too.


Please do not move the encrypted files.
I recommend to just create a new vault and move the unencrypted files from vault 1 to vault 2

In theory: Yes, technically it’s possible.
In practice: No, due to the flattened structure, there is no way for you to know which directories are related to each other for a clean split.

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I figured as much. My issue is I have a really large vault, where I intend to perform regular replication of same – but traversing this huge tree, even with rsync, is time consuming. So I thought to break it down a bit. It took a long time to upload all this stuff, alas.