Speed and security approach

  1. I have many files in separate folders. My application goes through each folder and creates a structure of files this way. Without cryptomator that takes 2.61 seconds. With a cryptomator-mounted drive 50.03 seconds! Is there a way to improve this?

  2. Where is the weak part of my approach: My app starts c. and waits for the drive to be mounted. Whenever the app becomes inactive/is ended it kills cryptomator, which makes the drive disappear. When I start/activate it, it starts c. again due to c.'s lack of any cli. The idea is that even though I have a firewall etc. if some attacker comes through and he’s just looking for files, he should only find encrypted files. On the other hand, he should be able to access the mounted drive, right? So by accepting the slow file access, all I get is no access from outside when my app is not in use.

Maybe. On Windows you can select Dokany as the volume provider. In the vault specific mount options you can change the number of worker threads (--thread-count) this provider uses to finish I/O jobs on your vault. This may have the desired results.

I don’t understand your question/point here. Cryptomator encrypts your files on the fly, meaning it never stores them unencrypted on your storage device.Therefore, only if the vault is unlocked, everyone with access to your account has access to the vault.

Where do I get a complete list of c.'s cli parameters?

I have files I only want to access using a certain app. How would you approach this without cryptomator?