Some PDFs open garbled (Bug?)

Mac OS 13.2.1 M2 Pro
Cryptomator 17.2 with FUSE-T 1.0.16

When opening some PDFs they sometimes display partially garbled in preview. After closing then reopening they display correctly. I never saw this behavior before 17.x and switching from macFUSE to FUSE-T.

Was this somewhat reproducible? If yes, could you please try again with Cryptomator 1.7.3? We fixed a critical bug and your bug report seems to fit with other similar observations.

It wasn’t reproducible in the sense that I found exactly a set of steps/files where it always happened. It happened to me more than once though. I’ve installed 1.7.3 and I’ll report if I see it again…none so far.

I kept this in the same thread…but I’m seeing a different behavior now. This may be a FUSE-T bug? Opening a pdf with 1.7.3 and FUSE-T 1.0.17 with Preview will sometimes show an entirely blank PDF. The number of pages is correct but all pages display as blank.

I never saw this behavior with FUSE-T 1.0.16 and reverting back to FUSE-T 1.0.16 seems to fix it. I’d assume it’s related to this change?:

“Workaround to prevent NFS caching: when ctime is not supplied, use the present time instead”

I re-updated to FUST-T 1.0.17 after experiencing a file move issue with 1.0.16. The blank PDF bug reappeared almost immediately. Here’s what it looks like:

Is this fixed with FUSE-T 1.0.18?

Initial indications are good. I’ll report back if I see this again.

I’m saw this behavior again.

Cryptomator 1.7.5
FUSE-T 1.0.19

Here’s an example of what it looks like. Closing the file and reopening seem to fix it.

Still seeing blank pdf pages intermittently with:
1.9.4 and FUSE-T 1.0.27

Closing and re-opening seems to fix. So I’m guessing there still is some read data corruption bug between Cryptomator and FUSE-T. I’ve never had any write errors or data loss.