[Solved] "The procedure entry point JVM_GetLastErrorString could not be located ..." Error at Startup


I’m new to Cryptomator and couldn’t find a solution to my problem. Whenever I start Cryptomator I get the following error message: “The procedure entry point JVM_GetLastErrorString could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_202\bin\zip.dll.” When I confirm the message with OK (the only button), Cryptomator seems to start normally.

How can I prevent this error message and use Cryptomator without problems? I guess Cryptomator needs to use its own Java runtime located at “C:\Program Files\Cryptomator\runtime” instead of my installed version. How can I achieve that? I don’t like to uninstall / update Java, because it’s needed for other software.

I’m using Cryptomator version 1.5.11 under Windows 10 Education version 1909, 64 bit.

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Here ya go: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/issues/1469#issuecomment-752024804

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Thanks for your warm welcome and the link.

The workaround to change the “start in” folder of Cryptomator’s shortcuts to its own Java location (“C:\Program Files\Cryptomator\runtime\bin”) worked. Thanks a lot.

Just in case you need this information for further development: I just have the JRE installed and no JDK. The statistics software SPSS is also present on my system which brings its own Java runtime and continues working without modifying anything. There are no special Java environment variables (like CLASSPATH) on my system, but Java in on my PATH.