[Solved] Cryptormator not opening in File Manager

I’m running Cryptomator on Arch Linux. It has been working properly until today. Not sure what changed, but instead of open the file manager, it is opening a search program I have installed called “Catfish”. I’ve checked inside Cryptomator settings, but don’t see any option there. Does anyone know how to correct this?

**I found reference to the issue in another question regarding an upgrade. I had to go into “default applications” and change “inode/directory” from Catfish to Thunar.

Maybe you installed an application that registered for the MIME type “inode/directory”.

This is a known issue for certain desktop environments, see

The workaround is to change either the ordering for this mime type and place your file manager at first (or last spot) or only set your file manager. In some desktop environments you can do this over the “default applications” dialogue.