So... Vault is unlocked, but I forgot the main password thing

I know, I know. But I thought it had saved to Bitwarden.

Vault is unlocked, have access to files. But have completely forgotten the password for when i lock the vault. Brand new to this as you can tell.

Guide? Help? Anyone?

Do you have your recovery key available? If yes then use this to set a new password.
If not, I’m afraid there’s no other way to decrypt your vault.

Is the files that are in the drive called masterkey.cryptomator.8digits/bkup or the vault.cryptomator.8digits/bkup any use?

If not then i accept my loss

I didn’t understand… since the

just copy the files out of the vault and then create a new one and copy them to it, no?

No. without the password these files are useless. Thank god, because these files are stored online ;).
You need the password or the recovery key. No chance to unlock your vault otherwise.

But he states the vault is unlocked and he has access?!

Well, if the vault is unlocked then copy all files out of it. There is no way to recover the password (or the recovery key), even if the vault is unlocked.

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sorry, I was answering his question about the 2 files.
But I also overred that the vault is still unlockt. Then I agree with @TowerBR to just copy the files into a new vault.

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