Smart Sync on OneDrive

Hi there! I am a recent switcher from Boxcryptor and am currently trying to get everything working as close as possible to my old setup.

I am struggling with the on demand smart sync on OneDrive.
I have a Desktop Windows PC where my whole OneDrive is synced to the local storage. On my MacBook I have automatic on demand smart sync activated since I don’t want to have all data downloaded due to limited disk space.

With Boxcryptor this was no problem since it was working on the same file system tree and just encrypting each file by itself.

With cryptomator, as soon as I mount a vault, OneDrive starts downloading the whole vault. Is there a way of only syncing a part of a vault and utilizing the on demand syncing?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi and welcome.
Files on demand should work with cryptomator. If the OneDrive client is downloading your complete vault, then my first ideas are that there might be either a misconfiguration of the client, or there’s a request for every file. Example: if your file is an image, and the system wants to create a thumbnail, then the file has to be downloaded first. If your system is trying to index your files and file content, then the files have to be downloaded first. If you have enough space available, you can try to complete these processes and wait for the OneDrive client to free up the space again when the files are not used for a time.

To answer your question: cryptomator desktop relies on 3rd party sync apps and does not sync (or connect) by itself. So there is no configuration of partial syncing, because there is no sync.

Hi, thank you very much for your help.

It seems that it really was due to the icon preview.

May be you can help me with one other thing regarding on demand sync. With Boxcryptor it was possible to right click on a decrypted file and get a redirection to the original encrypted file directly in OneDrive. There it was possible to right click and say remove download. This way I could push stuff back into the cloud when I finished working on those files. This was very nice, it was possible do easily download a file simply by double clicking and when your work is finished and 30-40 files have been downloaded, with one click free up the space again.

Is this possible with cryptomator? I wasn’t able to find an easy way to locate the encrypted version of a file on the hard drive.


No that’s not possible with cryptomator. And there’s no easy way to find the encrypted files/folders that belong to an unencrypted file. You can search via timestamp, and the community developed a Python script to reveal this. But I recommend to only use this if you feel very comfortable with python and the architecture of cryptomator vaults.
Don’t mess up the structure of your encrypted files/folders. This will lead to data loss. Please do you backups before you play around with encrypted vault files. If you are not 100% sure what you do, don’t touch any of these files :grinning:

Okay, expected this. Yes, sure I will not touch any of the encrypted files. My only interest is to get the local copy of the disk. This was also true for Boxcyptors encrypted files.
One way I found so far is using the Sync history the OneDrive App. When I save my unencrypted file and close it the new encrypted file gets uploaded to the cloud and from the upload history you get to the file on the hard disk.
It seems to me that all files in the same unencrypted folder are located in the same encrypted folder, so by that I can clean up the downloads. Its a little unhandy but it works so far.

Maybe it’s worth to mention that there is a solution to access your vault directly online and up/download your files directly in your online vault.