Slowness loading folders in Android

Hello. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help speed up the loading of my vault’s folders while using the Android App. While using Cryptomator through Windows Explorer, my vault and contents load almost instantly. When I try using the Cryptomator app on Android, it takes about 5 minutes to load my folders. I have many empty folders as decoys to act as a small extra layer of security from prying eyes. It appears the loading of all these empty folders is what is causing the slowness because my folders with items in them load once I am finally able to get to them after waiting. Is there some kind of setting change I can make or is my only option to remove my decoy folders? I am using Cryptomator on Android 1.7.5 and Android 13.

Upgraded to the 1.8.0-Beta1 and I am still experiencing the slowness. I’m assuming that Cryptomator has to go through every single folder to see whether or not there is anything within them, which is causing the long wait time to list everything. Which makes sense, but not sure why it takes so long to complete that when the desktop app does it so quickly.