Slow Excel Processing with Cryptomator

I have an Excel file that I previously kept on an EncFS volume (mounted on Windows using Dokany via encfs4win). This Excel file has a macro that fetches some information from a web API, processes the returned JSON, and then updates some fields in the Excel file. When I run this macro from the EncFS volume or a local volume, the processing goes quickly and smoothly. When I run this macro from the Cryptomator volume, Excel hangs for 30-45 seconds (“Not Responding”) before responding and completing the macro.

The portion of the macro where Excel hangs is in the JSON processing, an in-memory processing step on in-memory data (does not involve any data from the Excel workbook). This step involves no update to the Excel data, but I do not know if under the hood Excel is somehow writing temporary data to the Excel file. It should not, but I cannot be sure. According to the “Vault Statistics”, read and write is idle during this time.

Has anyone experienced this kind of slowness? It is significant enough to impact usability of files on the Cryptomator volume, and clearly tied to just that volume.

I solved this. The Cryptomator path was not added as a trusted location within Excel, and Excel apparently ran substantially slower for some of the operations in an untrusted mode.