Single files retrievable with Android app from cryptomator files on nextcloud server?

I have a lot of data on a Nextcloud webdav server. At the moment I encrypt them with my synchronisation software Goodsync. Works, but is completely dependent on the not so cheap software, which is not open source.
I have tested the Windows Cryptomator with my Nextcloud webdav server space and it seems to work satisfactorily.
I have 2 Android devices. I do not intend to nor is ist physically possible to have all the data also on them. With these Android devices I would like to have access once a while to files on my Nextcloud.

  1. Can the Android app fetch only single files?
  2. Can I see the decrypted directory content with the Android app and choose what I want to download to my Android device?
  3. Can the Android app store file vaults on the SD-card.
  4. Does the Android app work with Android 6?
  5. Is there a trial version for Android?

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Since the current 1.5.0 beta version, we are caching the downloaded files so if you download it again and it isn’t changed in the cloud, it will be used from the local storage. But I think you’re talking about a real offline mode, this is not yet implemented.

You can create a local vault stored on the sd card but this is really a local vault or you use other tools like syncthing to sync this vault located on the sd card.


You can buy the app and if it doesn’t fit your need, you can initiate a refund:

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@question 2)
My purpose for the Android would be that I could see the decrypted file names and decrypted dir names only without downloading them. Then I would choose which files to download really. Did I understand it correctly that this is not possible at the moment since my Android device would download the whole vault befor I can get access even to the filenames only?

It is exactly like this. You walk through your (remote) folders and download only the file you select.

Great! I will try it on one device.

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