Since upgrade to Cryptomator 1.5.17, Process Explorer.exe doesn't start anymore on Windows startup

Since I upgrade to Cryptomator 1.5.17, process Explorer.exe doesn’t start anymore on Windows startup and I need to start it manually with the task manager.
It seem that the issue came with the upgrade of Dokany to the version as, when I made a sfc /scannow, the system repaired the system files and, on the next startup, explorer started fine. But Cryptomator sent an error on startup which pointed to the Dokany.
I restarted the PC and this time Explorer didn’t start (I had to start it manually with the task manager) but Cryptomator started fine with vault unlocked.
I uninstalled Dokany from the PC and restarted it: Explorer started fine again…and Cryptomator started fine too with unlocking the vaults (without Dokany installed !?).
I reinstalled the crypomator 1.5.17-x64.exe file and restarted the PC. After the reboot, the Explorer process didn’t start anymore and I had to start it manually. Cruptomator started fine with vault unlocked.

Win version: Windows 10 Professionnel 21H1 Build 19043.1237
Cryptomator: 1.5.17

Thanks for your help.

Nobody can help?

Now ,in addition to the Explorer.exe process issue, 1 times on 2, the vaults can’t be unlocked on startup with the log in attachement:

cryptomator0.log (206.7 KB)

All of this are very annoying, thanks for your help.

Cannot reproduce the explorer issue.
I also do not see how Cryptomator should be able to affect the process explorer.exe at all.
Maybe something is wrong with the virtual file system. What do you use? WebDAV, dokany, WinFSP?

The log file though shows this error:
C:\min: Not a vault directory

That means that the folder „min“ is configured as a vault folder, but Cryptomator does not recognise a vault there.
This happens if the Masterkey file in this folder is not available, or if there’s no „d“ directory found.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your answer.
Cryptomator use Dokany.
I don’t know where Cryptomator could find a folder c:\min (Failed to add vault \min
java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: C:\min: Not a vault directory) as this folder doesn’t exist on my c: drive.
The 2 vaults are created in my OneDrive folder located on drive D:
If I restart the “unlock vault” through the Cryptomator gui, sometimes it works, sometimes not. If it doesn’t works, I restart the computer and than the 2 vaults are unlocked. But I always have to priory manually launch the Explorer.exe process through the task manager after login into my session.

Please have a look at the configuration of the vault which path is configured. Maybe it helps if you delete the vault from the list and add it again.

@msd3287 The second problem you describe, the intermediate unlock fails, might be caused by a Dokany issue, see [1.5.15 / 1.5.16] Cannot mount vault: Mount Timed Out.

Additionally, what i can see in the logs, that you got several missing directories in your vault. With Cryptomator 1.6.0 you’ll be able to recover them when using the vault health check.

Thanks for your help.
Very strange for the missing directories as they all have been moved under another (same one for all) subdirectory. I don’t understand why the old locations are still in “memory” of Cryptomator as, in the vault, I can also see the “missing” directories in their new place (the good new subfolder) like there are on my D drive.
Thing to know: I work on my files locally on the PC (in my document folder on D drive) and those files are synced in my Cryptomator drive located in my One Drive with the Freefilesync app (Cryptmator on One Drive is used as backup of my local documents files).

No more issue after upgrade to 1.6.1.