Show OneDrive sync status in vault drive

I have created a Cryptomator vault in OneDrive, i.e. with path


This works great; using Windows File Explorer, I can right click the entire vault or any encrypted file in the vault and select the two OneDrive options: Always keep on this device and Free up space. I can also see which files are available locally and which are online-only in the Status column in File Explorer.

But of course, you can’t tell what any file actually is since they’re encrypted.

Is there a way to have these options available in the unlocked vault (i.e. E:\) too? Or at the very least show the cloud status?

From what I understand each file is encrypted individually in the encrypted vault’s d/ directory. Naively, I would think it possible that in the unlocked E:\ drive, you could query the matching encrypted file in the OneDrive folder for its cloud status.

It’s possible from a technical standpoint. Cryptomator doesn’t support that feature at this time. My guess is it would be problematic to implement unless Crytomator also controlled the file syncing as well. You could use Mountain Duck if this feature is important to you. It’s a paid program…I’m not associated with the company.