Shell error when open vault


Every time I open a vault, i get this error :

ERROR: object 'lib/app/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored

This is in a shell windows, and i can’t close the vault if I don’t close the shell before.

What can i do ?

I’m using Manajro


How did you installed Cryptomator (AppImage, Flatpak, AUR (cryptomator or cryptomator-bin))?

I installed Cryptomator with AUR


Does installing AUR (en) - libjffi fixes this problem on your device?

Ok it works, no error
Now the file explorer (nemo) opens directly on the directory that is allowed.
Is it possible to disable this function, it doesn’t happen with other Fuse mount points?

Hmm that is interesting :thinking:

This is a vault option, see Vault Management — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation with the option “After successful unlock”

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