Sharing sub folders in windows 10 and dropbox

This is a variant of earlier questions regarding sharing. This time for Windows 10. My cloud storage provider is using Dropbox.

I have a vault and would like to share various subfolders within the vault but not the entire vault. How do I do a secure share? I installed Dokan 1.5 and it works but doesn’t show any options to do a folder share. I also tried under Webdav.

When using Boxcryptor (before their current fiasco), I first shared the folder in Boxcryptor to get the keys setup, and then shared the folder in dropbox. There is also the obvious question of how I find the correct dropbox folder to share…


There is no function to share subfolders or parts of your vault with others. .
You can only share your complete vault by telling the receiver the password and grant access to your online vault.

Thanks, painful but workable…

I’ve stumbled across this today as a fellow boxcryptor refugee asking the same question. I think workable really depends on circumstance.

Narkocube’s comments on Multi-user support with a combination of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography · Issue #2397 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub ramble way too long, but are fundamentally solid and share many of my frustrations. It’s normal for for child folders to inherit their parent’s permissions as a minimum. It’s a lot less common to be totally unable to have a subfolder with broader permissions than its parent.

When you have to allocate permissions at the highest parent level, with no option to broaden/modify children, narkocube is right: this directly impacts how you have to organise your data. Whether organizing in this way is “good” or not depends on many things, but overheadhunter IMHO shouldn’t have dismissed this it as irrelevant.

I only have one other person to share with. Splitting in this way is not natural to me, but I can live with it. If you’ve got more than one, it must be a nightmare. I completely understand narkocube’s diagram and why they’re so frustrated. The “after” is a completely batshit way to organize your files. I started studying it to try and suggest a better way for them. Other than giving up on selective sync, I didn’t find one. That’s just how he/she has to do it given the limitations of cryptomator. It’s a shame, as their “before” photo is actually super well organized. If I had to fuck up my files that much only to be told it’s not an issue, I’d probably be as angry too.

I think it’s likely that overheadhunter got distracted by some of the rambling or the frustrated tone, and missed or ignored narkocube’s point. I hope another Dev takes a look, or someone comments with a more concise explanation, because I’d like to see that properly answered.

Sorry for the delay the notification went to my spam…

I agree that It is awkward to support separate vaults for each topic with potentially different membership. Not impossible but breaks all of the file links when moving things around to accommodate. We use encryption as part of a team and different team members have different access rights depending upon what they are working on. Now we will have to implement separate vaults for each secure topic.

This is an open source project, and I am thrilled it exists at all! So a word of thanks to all of the folks who have contributed to this!

Ok Cryptomator doesn’t have every feature which Boxcryptor implemented. The one feature I most miss is the ability to live in a clear text file hiearchy. I regularly recover files using Dropbox’s version control mechanism, and the encrypted file names makes figuring out which file to recover from extremely difficult. Not impossible but difficult.and time consuming.