Sharing iCloud Drive vault on iOS

Dear community,

I have set up sharing our vault on iCloud Drive with my wife on MacOS successfully: I created an own (not the automatically created that was non shareable) Cryptomator folder in my iCloud drive and shared it via the MacOS standard functionality with my wife. On MacOS there is the possibility to select a folder in the iCloud drive for an existing vault - so the sharing works.

But we also want to access the vault on our iPhones (iOS 14.3 and Cryptomator 1.5.1). There we only have the possibility to access the proposed folder - we can not select an existing vault in another folder.

How can we set the sharing up in iCloud Drive, so that we both can access the vault via our MacOS and our iOS devices?

Thanks in advance for you help

Hi Janni.

if you want to connect to vaults via iCloud on iOS, the vaults have to be located in the folder Cryptomator that is created when connecting first to iCloud via Cryptomator iOS (as you already noticed).
And it is also true that you cannot share this folder Cryptomator, as you cant share other “app- or system folders” as well (like e.g. the folders for Downloads, Shortcuts or Numbers).
But you can share your vault folder within the cryptomator folder.

Unfortunately I do not share vaults or use macOS so I cannot test an actual setup that would fit your needs.