Sharing a vault via iCloud Drive

Hi everybody,

I’m facing a big problem … : )

I have created a vault using iCloud Drive. I can perfectly access it with all my devices.
This vault contains important documents, that I would like to share with my wife. For that, I have selected the folder contained in the “cryptomator” folder inside iCloud Drive, and I have shared it with her.
In HER iCloud Drive, this shared folder is installed inside the “cryptomator” folder too. When she opens Cryptomator, she can easily add this existing vault, but when she inserts the password, it never opens.

I don’t understand why … would anybody suggest me a solution ?

Thanks for any help !


Hi. Which operating system? Which Cryptomator version? Which adapter? If Dokany, which version? Any ERROR or WARN Messages in the log file? Are the files on your wifes system offline available or is there an on demand function active?

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Thanks for your answer Michael,

after tour questions I have checked the both versions of Cryptomator and after installing the latest version 1.5.8, everything seems to be ok now !