Shared Google Drive Orphaned Files - if you know what this is, you'll already know what happened

I don’t even know how to look this up. I had a Google Drive shared folder. Unshared the folder. CryptoMator was inside of said folder. Google apparently does this thing when you unshare something where it will create “orphaned” or “unorganized” files because the root folder doesn’t exist anymore depending on which user was using the relevant shared files.

Well. Now I have an orphaned folder full of files… including you guessed it… files called

And folders like

And I have no clue what these files are/ were to move them back to the correct structure in CryptoMator. So yay cryptomator for doing what I wanted you to. But yuck. I have no idea how to put these files and folders back into cryptomator parent folder. drag and drop work ok? (IE: drag encrypted files to the root folder in CM and just reorganize them? I would have tested already, but i don’t know CM interworkings and haven’t had time to review.)

If someone has asked this, feel free to send a link. I just didn’t now how to look this up.

If relevant, I’m using it on Mac. I bought the app too for iOS, but not really using this container there. Version 1.5.5. Catalina 10.15.6. 99% sure this last sentence isn’t relevant, but figure I’ll add it.