Several Issues/Suggestions

Hello, I’m not sure if these are considered as issues or suggestions but let me list them down. All are desktop (windows) related.

  1. I cannot make it full screen.

  2. On the left panel where all the vaults are, I can’t drag to the right enough to reveal the long directory location strings of my vaults. I’d like to be able to view them maybe by hovering my mouse over it?

  3. Using One Drive File On-Demand, I’m able to view the properties of a folder (size, number of files and folders) without downloading it locally to my drive. But right-clicking inside of a vault downloads it. I need it to still remain in the cloud as all I want to see is the properties making sure it matches my local copy to ensure whether I have updated some project files or not and then add the missing files into the vault.

  4. Will there be a folder-like UI added in the future to manage vaults into categories? I’m sharing my comp with my family. I’d like to have Dad and Mom folders.

Thank you!

  1. You may create a feature request here:
  2. A tooltip is no problem, just fixed that here:
  3. Afaik, right-clicking an item checks its contents because the context menu somewhat depends on it. This is a behavior of the operating system, I don’t think that Cryptomator has any control over that.
  4. Feature request is here: (it’s indeed a really old one but it didn’t get a lot of attention yet)

Thank you so much for (2)!.. But I don’t know what to do with it. Is there a new version available for download?
I understand regarding (3).
I honestly have given up on the idea of asking for something that is not already present inside Cryptomator… Some request dates years back and has no comments on it. Googled for recycling bin also does not exist and it was a question asked 4 years back. I’m starting to feel the only use for this is cold storage. It’s really scary to use without a bin, creating vaults without the ability to organise them, unable to view it full screen (this is like the most basic), and many more as I keep testing…

I already bought the android app and it lacks thumbnails too. Even just basic jpg/png support isn’t there. Not asking for raw format support. I also donated for the desktop dark theme.

Sadly, I’m starting to research for something else that is safer/better…

Not sure how good this sanitizer tool in which I came across Googling for recycle bin and even that is not existing within Cryptomator when one of the admin mentioned they will be adding it in years back.

As much as I want a refund. I understand everyone is human and they have a family to spend time with and can’t possibly spend 24/7 on a program which depends on donation to survive. So I just I’ll live with it. But I will really like you to consider with the team about my requests for the additional functionality… Cyprtomator is beautiful in which it protects the privacy of your love ones (I use it to store pics) but it is sad it has no recycle bin, can’t organize the vaults… Making it scary to use for the benefit of privacy…

That means that the development of this solution is finished and it will be implemented in the next release.