Setup on mobile and desktop

Hello. I have gotten pointers to my question from a few searches, but am still unclear (duh!).
I have a laptop, an Android Mobile phone, and Google Drive.
I have some files on Google Drive.
I want them encrypted, and accessible on both laptop and mobile.
How to do this ?
Thanks in advance

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You create a vault on you laptop with Cryptomator desktop. The vault will look like a bunch of folders and files in your explorer (assuming you use windows). Please make sure that you create the vault somewhere where it is included into your google backup and sync, or configure google backup and sync that it will include your vault files into the sync to your google drive.
Start a complete Sync and wait until all your vault files (the encrypted files) are in your google drive.
Then purchase and install the android app and connect the vault from google drive with the „ad vault“ function.
And you are done.


Thanks for the reply!
I have an Apple laptop. I have created a local folder ‘crypt’, added files, synced with Google Drive.
The local folder ‘crypt’ appears on Google Drive in a subfolder called Computers.
When I access from mobile, the folder ‘crypt’ is not visible, as it is not in the main root of ‘drive’
When I try to move 'crypt from the ‘computers’ folder to main folder of drive, I get an error.
Kindly help!

Update. I figured out what I was doing wrong.
The correct solution is… we have to create the crypt folder in our local google drive mirror. Then, it works.