Set a name/path in file explorer Ubuntu


I’m using Ubuntu 22.04.

when I create a folder, it appears in the explorer in the indicated location, but I can’t put anything in it :


On the other hand, depending on the option chosen :

Option “automatic” or “fuse”:

My directory is opening in a hidden folder :


Option “WebDav” :

Mount a folder in this way in the files explorer :


In all case, the folder created previously, is not usable. It appears in the file explorer, but I can’t use it.

I therefore have a few questions :

For Ubuntu, what is the best way to use Cryptomator : with Fuse or Webdav ?

Also, how can I make a folder simply usable by the user, in the file explorer?

For example, like this way :


Thanks in advance for your help

I’d like to point out that this problem didn’t exist with Ubuntu 20.04:

The volume name (localhost:port:xxxxxxxx) was indeed the one created by Cryptomator:

Just “VaultName”.

Could this be due to a bug in the version 22 of Ubuntu ?

Actually, there is an option to change the path. : )

I’ll manage like that.