Second alpha version of 1.5.0

Those of you, who tested 1.5.0-alpha1, probably noticed that we didn’t allow vault migration yet. This has changed now:

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the second alpha version. :tada: If you want to support us by testing pre-release versions, feel free to download the installers from our GitHub Releases page.

Please focus your tests on the vault migration. We’d like to hear from you, if you encounter any difficulties upgrading your vault format. Feel free to test in low-throughput environments such as with vaults stored on NAS systems or on floppy drives (:clown_face:). However, don’t use your production data, unless you made your backups and you walk away from explosions without looking at them on a regular basis. Also note, that the mobile apps are not yet ready for the new format.

Another thing to test is the localizations. As announced here, we’ve moved to a new translation service and many of you have already added translations for several languages. :heart: