Searching WinFsp volume with dir-command

Hi Development-Team,

with Cryptomator 1.7 you terminated the support for Dokany and you remmonended to use WinFsp instead.
I am sad about this, because there are serious compatibility differences to NTFS.
When I enter dir *docu*.* /s at the command prompt, the following results are shown on a NTFS volume:

Cryptomator Documentation.pdf

On a WinFsp volume, only earlierdocs.docx is shown as result, because search seems to be case-sensitive.

Is there a solution or workaround known for this issue, e.g. a mount option, that forces WinFSP to search case insensitive?

Thank you for tipps in advance.


No, see also How to configure WinFsp For Case-Insensitive Tab-Completion · winfsp · Discussion #428 · GitHub

There also already exists a discussion on our issue tracker, see