Search in textview

Is there a possibility to search in a text File with the textviewer in cryptomator? And if not, then is that a item on the roadmap?

Hey all. The built-in editor for text files still doesn’t seem to support a search feature. Could we build this into cryptomator for Android? Or is there a possibility to use other editors (the share-function doesn’t work in my case with other editors like Word or QuickEdit)?

Search in the built in text editor is implemented and available for all beta testers in version 1.3.10-rc1

I‘m searching the search feature but can’t find it yet. Any update on this? I’m using 1.4.3 (666) for iOS, thx

This is an android thread. :wink:
But to answer your question: This feature is not implemented in iOS (yet)

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Thank you Michael for the answer. I’m still waining for this feature to arrive in iOS.
I’m currently using a TXT file for all my passwords. FIND is my only way to find the correct password within my text file. I would very much appreciate such a feature.