Search in current folder using glob pattern matching

Coming soon :tada:


This is awesome!

Did it worked to see recursive folders?

Unfortunately no, the search is still limited to the currently open folder.

The search recursively over all child folders would be quite complex, especially regarding performance (bandwidth but especially time until the search is completed in the current implementation). It may well be that we will address this issue in the future but it is not included in this extension.

Okay. I understand that but this is a feature what is really Important for me and I think for many other users who would like to have the security of encryption and the usability of a cloud solution, too.

But this seems to be problem with encrypted services like this. The Signal messenger need a lot of time to implement a search feature for the messages. But no it is availible and awesome.

I think it is time now that I can give cryptomator a chance for my cloud-documents after buying my first android-app 2 years ago. This feature here was very important as minimal step, because Dropbox/Ondrive etc. is able to:
[x]search files and folders with *
[ ]search recursive
[ ]search within pdfs / docs / txt files (and more but this is enough for me)

Dont understand me wrong. You have a great progress here! THX for that.


Would be nice to know which wildcards actually work …
The ones in the movie don’t.

Only one that works for me is the combination .*

Edit: took me some time.