Search files in MacOSX Finder

Hi there,
I am using Cryptomator to manage save passwords in a dropbox folder.
The last versions, I was able to use the Finder’s search field on the right top edge of the opened Cryptomator folder. This doesn’t work anymore. As I have a lot of files stored in this folder, I am looking for a possibility for a fulltext search on filenames. Is there a solution?

I’m having the same issue. Is this because spotlight cannot index the drive? Will this be fixable with the planned Custom Mount Flags?

@philosen It works with version 1.4.12. See here:

@infeo That’s great news. I didn’t realize there was a new version.

edit: There are a bunch of other custom mount flags. I just added -oallow_root and -olocal at the beginning and left the rest as is. Correct?

Thats correct, see here:

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