Script before unlock possible?

I’m using Cryptomator on several devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), so I’m very glad it works everwhere!
Additionally I use on the Windows machine the Dokany driver and the option to mount the drive into a local (empty) folder, e.g. c:\Users\User\Pictures\2021.

Now sometimes it happens that the fault gets locked, but the symbolic directory link (whatever dokany is using internally) is not removed (here indicated by a small arrow left bottom of the folder’s icon). This happens usually connected with the standby mode, it seems Windows is simply terminating Cryptomator’s threads (I have to investigate more on this).

Now the folder although empty is already linked into nowhere, so Cryptomator/Docany cannot use the folder path for re-unlocking the vaults.

Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux, the command
find . -type l -exec rm {} \; -exec mkdir {} \;
deletes the folders and with it the link, and recreates now ones. Cryptomator is happy with the new folders and unlocks the vaults. A quick test showed, that rm the folder does not delete its contents.

Is it possible to add support for executing a script (file) before (auto-) unlocking vaults? Maybo on startup or for each vault separately?

You can do it by yourself by writing a batch that is running this script first, and then starting cryptomator.
When you want to start cryptomator, start this batch instead.

But this script will then obviously not be vault specific.

We have a feature request on our issue tracker for this, see


we are aware of this issue, but in general this a technical limitation. If the OS wants to shutdown/hibernate, any cleanup operations might be canceled. On the other hand, it might be worth investigating, but on the side of the used library Dokany.

Thanks for the link, as I understand the issue is about scripts AFTER unlock, but I would need a script BEFORE unlock.

Yes sad if the OS or third party libs are doing stupid stuff, I understand that you are limited in this case. Therefor the script idae.

This seems to be the most quick solution, I think it will be the way to go right now.

True, but until a feature in Cryptomator will be enabled, it would be okay for me.