“Save To Files” Share Sheet Action doesn’t present prompt to unlock Vault

If I’m trying to save a file into my locked vault from Mail, Safari, etc and I select the Save To Files option and then select my vault, I don’t get an option for FaceID or to enter my vault password. In order unlock the vault I have to go to Files and unlock my vault then return to the first app and then save the file to my vault. I’m not having any issues unlocking my vaults directly from the Files app, just from the Files app interface popup from the Save To Files share sheet action. I’ve got a screen recording of the issue but can’t upload it here, so hopefully the iCloud link to the screen recording works.

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Unfortunately, that’s not possible and we’re restricted by the technical capabilities of iOS (or the Files app). Even though it’s not a solution, there is a feature request here https://github.com/cryptomator/ios/issues/73 that could be a workaround someday.

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ok, I then close my github issue I created while you wrote your answer :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the info. I had a feeling it was an iOS limitation

I remembered Boxcryptor having this same issue with their Files Protection function. They use system notifications to alert that the vault needs to be unlocked and the notification takes the user to the Boxcryptor app to unlock the vault and the user can then use the back button or swipe gesture to go back to the original app.

This could be another possibility for making it easier to get around having to keep vaults unlocked all the time.

Interesting idea. I guess I’ll reopen @Michael’s issue then. :smiley: https://github.com/cryptomator/ios/issues/111


But instead how about extending the period until unlocking a vault expires? If I had to unlock my vault once a week, I could live with it, but I have to do it once each day at least, maybe even more often.

Since Cryptomator 2.1.0, there is a new “Unlock Duration” feature. Does that work for you or are you missing other options?

Perfect, thank you, I did not know this feature until now.

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