Same Files Upload Multiple Times When Using Automatic Upload

When taking pictures & video and using automatic upload it seems to work okay most of the time, but when I open the Vault on my computer and organize the files into subfolders and lock the vault then re-open the vault on my phone, it tries to reupload the same files again?

Is this a common problem?

Some times it will say uploading 3 out of 2 files, for example. I’m not sure what it’s doing there or if that problem is related, but I do know that it tries to re-upload the same file multiple times if the files have been moved using my PC.

Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Sorry for the late response.

This can happen because we do not distinguish between a creation of a file and a modification, in both situations the file would end up in a list to be uploaded. If you e.g.

  1. Enable Automatic photo upload
  2. Save a picture with the name Foo.png
  3. Wait until the picture is uploaded
  4. Modify locally Foo.png
  5. Delete Foo.png from the vault

the image would be uploaded again.

Of course you could also keep a list of names you have already uploaded but that would mean that in the example from above you would never again upload a file with the name Foo.png which can be very confusing from the user’s point of view (maybe you created this file in the past but forgot about it and then you are surprised that it doesn’t end up in the cloud anymore).

As far as I know, this is a pure display problem, but in any case it is not related to this one and is tracked in

Thanks for the response. Good to know that other issue is just a display problem.

As far as automatic upload goes, would it be possible to create a setting “Automatically upload local files once.” and once they’re uploaded, they’re flagged locally so they aren’t uploaded over and over?

Otherwise you have a vault full of automatically uploaded files that you can’t organize otherwise they’re reuploaded whenever they’re moved.

Or maybe there’s a more efficient way to handle that, that I’m not understanding?


I think we should provide the following options if the file already exists in the cloud (which must be possible to change in settings):

  1. Overwrite when changed
  2. Create duplicate
  3. Skip
  4. Always ask the user

All of them will work without problems and are easy to implement.

But technically I have no idea at the moment how we should mark a file so that if it is changed, it will never be uploaded again but only this specific file. If you flag foo.jpg after uploading it, forget it completely, create a new foo.jpg a year later, that file would not be uploaded and you would be very surprised about that. There is currently no support for additional file attributes or something like this which we could use to really identify a file as far as I know :thinking:.

What about an option to move files to a separate “Uploaded Media” (local) folder of the user’s choice? That way after uploading once, it would stop attempting to upload them again.

Wouldn’t it be possible to store a combination of file path and Hash of the already uploaded files in an own local DB? Then files could be identified to not be uploaded again.

This currently prevents me from using this feature as I will move the uploaded files away when organizing my photos.