Safely formatting my PC

I need to wipe my computer clean, attempting to fix some tech issues.

Is the process for Cryptomator as easy as just reinstalling it and logging in? I can’t remember how I had set it up to work with Google Drive, but I assume I just have to log in to Google Drive, find the encrypted container and use the same password as before, right?


You’ll have to setup Google’s backup and sync client first. Then sync your vault from google drive to your local storage.
After that you can add the existing vault to your Cryptomator desktop app and unlock it.

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Thanks; so I can just wipe this clean. I don’t have to backup anything before reinstalling Windows?

In my opinion, an additional, independent backup always makes sense (even after the cleaning process) :wink:


Agree, but this would imply that I have to download everything from the cloud and the reupload to the cloud once complete. With my 12 mbit upload speed, it would take forever…

Well, you still need to that after wiping. The desktop application needs your vault stored locally on your hardrive.

There are exceptions: If you use a files-on-demand solution like Google Drive File Stream or you access your vaults online with cyber duck.

You may have assumed that the desktop app works like our mobile versions. For the difference, look here: