Run 2 versions of Cryptomator

Is it possible to install 2 versions of Cryptomator to help with the migrations so I can easily confirm I have not lost any data? For example, I have 1.5.15 and 1.6.1 comes along I would like to install it my Windows desktop and have the capability to launch both at the same time. That way I can simply unlock my prior vault (1.5.15) with my new vault (1.6.1) compare the contents with FreeFileSynch. Vault management becomes challenging for a user to comfortably confirm all content is present. I tried using a Virtual Machine with limited knowledge but it became more difficult for the average user as it does not automatically show a virtual drive that is opened by the desktop application so I cannot do the compare.

Otherwise, I am back to copying everything out of the old vaults to their decrypted state (days and days of copying) and then I have to copy everything back to a new vault (days and days) so I can comfortably compare the 2. I think everything got converted OK but without some comparison of the unencrypted data I cannot tell for sure?


I am interested in the exact same thing. Despite my backups I cannot risk going through the automatic conversion. I need to be able to compare old and new contents to know for sure that I have not lost my data. Is there a way to use two versions simultaneously, e.g. starting with two identical copies of the encrypted data: one original un-migrated, and one manually-copied identical copy to be migrated and checked against the original files. Or even for manual migration by copying from old vaults to newly created vaults.

I find myself using a stable version from two years ago as I cannot safely do the above (unless there is a way to run two versions with two sets of data)?


No this is not possible. Cryptomator will detect an already running version and throw an error in the log.
At least as far as I know.
But did you read what the actual migration does? It’s basically nothing more than creating the new vault.Cryptomator file and editing the Masterkey file.
See here: Vault Format 8

This means, if anything goes wrong you can easily roll back. See here: [1.6.x] Downgrade to 1.5.x


Personally I am migrating from 1.4.15 (delayed due to the above reasons). If I want to avoid the auto-migration of 1.5.x is my only option to decrypt and copy outside a vault?

Yes, if you do not want to use the migration process you have to encrypt all your files again by storing them outside the vault, und create a new vault with the new app version and encrypt your files again in the new vault.

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