Root empty, unseen sub folders not


I have a vault synchronized with Dropbox. All versions are up to date. OS is win10 with office 365.

A few days ago the following happened and still happens. When I open the vault with cryptomator, the root of the drive (Z:) is totally empty. But there are three folders ABC, DEF, GHI, I am sure, because I can see them on another PC. When I adress Z:/ABC in the file explorer the content of ABC can be seen. The same applies to DEF, but GHI is not found.
The names are in real life short and simple.

All other, similar problems I found here in the community where not sufficiently answered. Thats why I ask again. Any hints for the problem? It worked about one week before always fine for sure.
THX, Thomas

What do you use as the Virtual Volume? Dokany or WebDAV?

In the latter case, there is an open issue about empty directory listings when one resource in the listing is corrupt:

thank you. But what does it mean? I am not an expert. Cryptomator says, it’s webdav. Can I switch this?

It means, that if you use WebDAV and a directory contains at least on damaged/corrupted resource, this directory is shown empty. (Even if it is not)

You can switch it to Dokany, if it is installed on your system. But damaged resources still won’t be displayed and won’t be accessible.

Regarding the corruption: When you open the empty directory, does the log file contain any WARNings, ERRORs or Exceptions?