Restoring from Google Drive Backups

Hi All,

I’ve been using Cryptomator for a while, without an issue backing up data to Google Drive. I connect using two PC’s which allows to have access to the encrypted data.

I think Google Drive Desktop App on PC1 got corrupted and didn’t sync the files correctly (if at all), which I didn’t notice. When trying to investigate this issue, I’ve logged in from PC2, which wasn’t used for a moment, and this uploaded the data as it was on PC2 to Google Drive.

I think the files on Google Drive are backup by google. (even the entrypted, cryptomator files)
Question: is it possible to restore Cryptomator files previous version of files stored on Google Drive? What are the key files for cryptomator?


Key files for a vault to work are vault.cryptomator and masterkey.cryptomator. They contain the access information to unlock a vault. In the vault storage location there is also the d directory, there is all the data stored you put into the vault.