[Request] - Integrate Version Number in Software exe and Master.Cyrptomator

I have older vaults I am having to upgrade and I feel like I am guessing as to what version of the exe to download. Cryptomator refers to the software as version numbers in one place as 1.5.6 or 1.6.1 etc, however, we been told to look in the master.cryptomator file to figure out which software version to use and it refers to version 6 or version 7. Then there is the problem of master.cryptomator saying version 6 but which correlated version 6 - 1.4.15 or 1.4.10, etc. I many times get an error after I have uninstalled my current version and then install v 1.4.15 which fails and then I am trying 1.4.8 or something and it might work. I feel like I am guessing, correction, I know I am guessing.

I propose for the new release to

  1. append V8 to the newest software execution v1.6.1.V8 or change the software version to align and call it v1.8.1 which closely matches what is in the master.cryptomator file.
  2. or better yet write in the master.cryptomator the actual version that created the file. If I am running version 1.4.12 which creates a file, write “Version 6, Exe v1.4.12.” if we can’t synch up the software exe numbers altogether.

Many thanks

Version 6, 7 are vault versions, not software versions.
Version 6 is compatible with 1.4.x.
Version 7 is compatible with 1.5.x
When Cryptomator 1.6 will be out, the vault version will be version 8.

Thanks for confirming I have them mapped correctly but what is the harm in stepping back for those that don’t live and breathe the application daily and call Cryptomator 1.8 so that is matches version 8 or better yet when a vault is created insert the version number along with the software version in the vault that is created. That way, for the developer the mismatch makes sense and she\he can have their cake too. Having the master.cryptomator file with the right software version is the most helpful and hopefully a helpful suggestion so the users don’t have to keep a cheat sheet on the side. No more having to edit the master.cryptomator file to find “version 6” and think "version 6 is not 1.6.x but according to my cheat sheet 1.4.x=6.

I didn’t mean to devalue the suggestion, just to give help on the current problem.