Replicating the vault

I backup my desktop files to my NAS at home with the NAS opened as a Cryptomator’s vault. I also like to have an off-site copy of the backup. Am I better off replicating the encrypted data to the off-site storage, which is a simple copy/sync, or should I copy my desktop files to the remote site opend again as Cryptomator’s vault.

I am now replicating the encrypted data simply because it is easier. I am not sure what would be the implications.



That does not matter. You can copy the complete vault (including the key files). If you want to access the remote copy sometimes, you’ll just have to ad it as new vault in cryptomator. There are no implications.

For your scenario I would prefer the copy/paste. Why:
If you create a second vault for your backup copy, the files are encrypted twice. One for the NAS backup, second time for the Offsite backup. But there’s no need to do that if you just backup your NAS vault (which is already encrypted )

But that’s a personal decision you’ll have to make.


I know this is an old post, but I believe it’s asking the same question I came here to ask so didn’t want to start a new thread, please let me know if I should have and I will.
To confirm what this is saying - I store my encrypted vault locally on my laptop and want to replicate the encrypted version of it to my home server that automatically backs up any files that change (Carbonite). I can do this via a script (or eventually Onedrive once I’m more comfortable with how Cryptomator operates).
Those encrypted files, as long as they are copied with all files in folder (key files, etc) could be restored from backup and then opened by Cryptomator even on a new Windows install, as long as I have the password, is that correct?

This is correct (and of course you need cryptomator installed)

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