Renamed files after download in Firefox

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry if this is a known issue or if this has already been asked in another topic and I’ve missed it. Using Cryptomator 1.4.15 I recently saw that everytime I download a file in Firefox (Version 69.0.3) an empty file with the original filename and another file with the actual content and “(1)” appended to the filename (see screenshot) is created. This did not happen a few months ago and I assume it’s got to do with a new Version of Cryptomator or Firefox. A test with Edge did not show the behavior described above.

Let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks a lot!

Every time I read that some file management behaves weird, my first though is: "does he/she use dokany, and does he/she use the latest version of it (1.3.x)?
And mostly every time the answer was “yes and no”, an updated of dokany solved the issue. :slight_smile:

Maybe it works for you as well?

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That was it, updating dokany did the trick, thank you. Do you know of a way to update it automatically? I know, this has nothing do to with Cryptomator itself, but it might be useful if Cryptomator shows a warning if an outdated version is detected.


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Is far as I know the team is working on an automatic update in combination with cryptomator releases, but so far there’s no other way than to keep an eye on the dokany releases or this board.