Removed USB while writing

I mistakenly removed a USB stick with an encrypted WinFsp vault while it was being written to. Now I have a zero byte file that cannot be deleted or renamed. “Error 0x8007045D:” I/O device error. Performed full Health Checks but report is all “good”. Quit Cryptomator, dismounted USB and reinserted, and Windows found a problem and repaired it, but file remains in vault. Vault will accept new files, I’d just like to remove this entry. Any suggestions or tools to repair ?

Can’t you just delete it?


I could reproduce the problem myself and opened a bug ticket on the Cryptomator issue tracker:

Fortunately, there exists a workaround: Use the “reveal encrypted file” feature in Cryptomator and delete the encrypted file directly.

Thanks, that’s what I needed.
It errored and did not quite work at locate the encrypted file, but it did open the containing folder and I was able to identify the file by size and date, and shift-delete it.
Much appreciated!