Remove vaults from vault details page

Hi there,

is there any possibility to remove vaults from the vault details page?
Except to restore the DB from Backup and remove everything linked to the given vault :see_no_evil:


Currently, this is not possible, but an archive feature is planned:

Thank you for the update

If you have access to the database you can delete the vault from Hub the following way:

  1. connect via docker exec -u postgres -it postgres /bin/bash or kubectl exec -it deployments/postgres -n NAMESPACE -- /bin/bash to the DB container.
  2. open the postgres database via psql postgres://hub@postgres-hub:5432/hub. hub in front of the @ is the username, which is in the QUARKUS_DATASOURCE_USERNAME variable, but you probably shouldn’t have changed it, just in case. When the command is executed it will ask for a password, that’s the QUARKUS_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD variable. Both variables can be found in your depoyment file under hub and there environment.
  3. now the shell should start with hub=> and we can enter SQL commands
  4. with SELECT * FROM vault; we can display all vaults. There we note the id of the vault we want to delete, for example 4e4362d1-8be2-4c5f-b4c3-bf2eacba1f1e
  5. using DELETE FROM vault WHERE id='4e4362d1-8be2-4c5f-b4c3-bf2eacba1f1e'; we can delete the vault with said id. This should be confirmed directly with DELETE 1
  6. with exit we can leave the shells again