Remove *.c9r from your dropbox account and all devices?

Hi, I’m a new user. When I save a file and exit, I have this pop-up:

For now, I pressed on cancel twice, but should I instead click on Move out of Dropbox?

Hi. If you open for example an MS office file like word, a temporary file is created and thus also encrypted by cryptomator. Now you work on that file and in the background the dropbox client is syning both encrypted files to your online storage. Now you save and exit the file and MS office is deleting the temporary file. Then the c9r file is also deleted.
This is just one example of deleted c9r files where its maybe not obvious why theres something deleted. If your dropbox client wants to delete a c9r file, I would say its save to move it out of dropbox (means it is also deleted from your online storage). Otherwise you will have lots of unused cr9 files in your dropbox at some time.

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Makes sense, thanks a lot!