relative path of Cryptomator directories

Hi not exactly where to start, I always change Linux distributions, I like to be always testing different Linux versions, and installing stuck in the user folder makes this difficult. Most programs I can use the relative path, but with cryptomator it seems a lot more difficult, I’m trying with the appimage version.
creating folders in the same directory as appimage, “folder name equal to appimage.” + “home” or “config” doesn’t work.

parameters after calling appimage in terminal
doesn’t work either.

JavaFX doesn’t seem to find a specific path.
I also tried environment variables like HOME, XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
It doesn’t work either.

I’m really interested in solving this, without taking more drastic measures like creating temporary symlinks that use the real path, from the user’s home, but write the data in the relative path.

For Windows there is an unassociated app that makes an installation portable on Windows, but it would probably be much easier to solve this on Windows, I’m a recent Linux user about 3 years hard.

Sorry if it’s not clear, google translator was used.

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So Cryptomator, no matter what I do it will always make the drive encrypted, in the local user folder, as you can see in your screenshots.

What I want to achieve is that Cryptomator starts saving its configuration file in its folder, i.e. in the same folder as its executable, for example, or that it is possible to pass the configuration file path via a startup parameter.

So, with it loading its configuration file relative to the executable, the rest can be configured using the configuration file. So far I haven’t made any progress.

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