Reinsert part of the data

Unfortunately, I had accidentally moved my Vault folder to another folder. When I tried to drag my vault back to the main folder inside the cloud, my storage space ran out.

I now have an “empty” folder without files with 1.4GB, the other vault has its 34GB with files. Both folders can be opened with the same password.
Will I get the 1.4GB somehow integrated again? Decrypted the 1.4GB folder is empty without files

Version 1.5.6 - Windows 10


You even have to, to access the data there again.

With this split you stumbled into the following problem: Empty Vault, but still allocates Space

But the fix described in the article won’t work. You need to copy all data in the d directory of your 1.4 GB vault into the d directory of the main vault. Afterwards this all data is accessible again.

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thank you, will no files be replaced or overwritten?

Are the encrypted files unique, or are there problems with overwriting the same file names?

As long as you didn’t recreated some folders/files in the bigger vault under the same location, there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise you have to overwrite those of course, since you manually recreated them.