Refund for Android app from website

Let me apologize first if this is not the correct place to ask for refunds, I couldn’t find any links where I could initiate a refund.
I bought the license for cryptomator android app from the website, I installed the app from F-droid, but after the entering the license key I found out that I was not able to access my google drive using the android app. Am I missing anything, If not can I get a refund?

You should be able to connect to google drive. Any error messages?

For the records: although not being sure, I think you need the google Services running on your phone to connect to gdrive (regardless if you want to use this with Cryptomator or not). So as you are obviously avoiding the playstore, make sure that you do not ban Google from your phone if you want to use gdrive.

Thanks for the reply… The issue is with the Google services, I downloaded cryptometer from the website and it solved the issue.