Rebuild masterkey?

My masterkey is gone! The directories are there, but no masterkey.cryptomator-file. The vault is on Dropbox but there is no entry anymore in the deleted files. Can I rebuild the masterkey? I still have the password in mind, that is not the problem.

I already tried to create a new vault with the same password and copy the masterkey to the “lost” directory, but that didn’t work. Do you have another solution?

This sounds bad. The masterkey is very important, it can’t be restored out of thin air. Have you already tried all the methods to find your masterkey file from this guide?

I noticed this too how the masterkey is kept inside the vault.To me, it sounds dangerous that ‘IF’ these 2 files were lost, you are screwed. What do you recommend doing with both the masterkey and the masterkey.bkup files that are put into the folder since you cannot move them? It would probably be better if they were hidden or something, or even had a different naming scheme to be more secure about it. I did notice that if you even move them out of that folder, you cant even access the vault anymore with cryptomator app. Do you recommend somehow backing them up? If yes, whats the recommended method seeing as you are taking them out of the encryption folder, and they arent even encrypted by keeping the naming convention of ‘Masterkey’.