Reading documents stored at CryptoMator Vault with Android

Hi, I recently purchased CryptoMator Android app. I have one Vault stored at Google Drive and it works very well when I want to READ some files like PDF, or images or videos. Vault was built on MacOS and used at Android, vice versa also works.

HOWEVER I am not able to edit Google App files (like a Document) stored in the Vault. It looks like and Android limitation.

For example, I tried, using Android after the vault was unlocked, to EXPORT the file to Google Drive. NO error occurs but the file cannot be opened by Google Docs app on Android. It also does not work on Google Docs at Google Chrome running on the Mac. That file is no longer associated with Google Docs.

My goal is to find a workaroud where I can read files that I usually read using Android. I am OK if I need to copy file out of the vault to unsecure Google Drive location and copying it back. Unfortunately that solution did not work.


Android 9 (pie)
Android CryptoMator 1.3.4
MacOS CryptoMator 1.4.5