Questions regarding this project

Hi, I have some questions regarding this project:

  1. Are all the products completely free and open source? Is there any paid subscription and/or closed source programs?
  2. Does it support Linux as well?
  3. How does it work? Does it encrypt every file OR does it put all the files and folder in one encrypted container like VeraCrypt does?
  4. Is the encryption key backed up to your servers or do we hold the encryption key?


  1. All products are free software / open souce except the iOS-App (but a new version of it in the future will be open source). You need to purchase a license key for the Android app, but it is still free and open source software (in theory you could modify the source code and remove the license check and use it for free).
  2. Yes, a Linux version is available as AppImage, PPA and AUR package. Click on the Linux-Button on at the downloads page.
  3. Every file will be encrypted seperately. That’s the advantage over VeraCrypt if you sync your files with a cloud service (if you change a file, there don’t has to be synced a huge container file).
  4. The encryption key is stored in your vault but encrypted with your password (choose a secure password). Without the password nobody is able to decrypt your data.