Questions before spending $10 on the App for Android

First I have to explain something: I am totally convinced about dropsync, which has the following key features:

  • You can link local folders on your android device to corresponding folders within your dropbox.
  • The folders don’t even need to have the same name (for example you can avoid space problems in folder names)
  • A change within any local folder gets extremly quickly detected and synced to the cloud representation in dropbox
  • A change on the cloud gets also detected pretty quickly and will be back synced to the local device (of course also deletes, etc, which is awesome because I can for example sort out photos on my windows desktop and this will clean up the files on my android device at the same time.)

To sum it up:
Dropsync functionality is very helpful: For example I am able to track changes within my Android
“Screenshots”, “DCIM”, “Videocaptures” and “Lens” folder at the same time (because different apps will place pictures in different locations) and only a few seconds after I used Lens to scan a PDF or took a screenshot on my android device, I will have it on my Windows Computer in the dropbox and my local windows file system’s representation of the dropbox and can use it there…

Most important aspect for me: Dropsync enables me to have a synchronized

  • local representatation on my windows desktop
  • within the cloud (dropbox)
  • on my smartphone
  • on any additional device or notebook
    of all my important documents, photos, etc.

One could say it is a game changing backup solution that eliminates the hassle of keeping different places in sync and the need for regular backups at the same time!

two major drawbacks

  • dropsync is not an encryption tool. Nothing gets encrypted, which I totally hate for sake of privacy and secrecy (and why I actually don’t use it for private documents, photos, etc, yet…)
  • dropsync only supports dropbox - as the name already indicated… but I want to use it with OneDrive from my Office365 family subscription.

This results in the questions:

  • Can Cryptomator fill the gaps of dropsync and replace dropsync (which only works with dropbox) and enable me to do everything I stated above but additionally eliminate the drawbacks I stated?
  • Generally: Is it possible with Cryptomator to achieve that kind of synchronization experience or will Cryptomator always copy things: e.g. I have the DCIM folder and my Cryptormator vault and as soon as I take a photo Cryptomator will “copy” it to the vault, but if I delete the photo from the vault it will be still persisting in the original DCIM folder (that’s exactly the bahavior, which I don’t want and more or less what I experienced with Boxcryptor and that’s why I consider it totally useless…).

Thanks for any reply, advice and help.