Question about Onedrive

Hi Community,
I have a simple question.
I use Cryptomator with the protocol Dokany on Windows 10 64bit and i have a secured wault in onedrive.
When i copy a folder in the virtual cryptomator disk the onedrive software start immediately to upload the encrypted files to the onedrive cloud. Is this normal? Or i must pause onedrive and restart upload when the copy to the cryptomator folder is complete? Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.

That’s normal. No need to pause the sync. The one drive client is noticing when the file is not in use anymore and then starts uploading.


Good Morning Michael,
Thank you for the gentle and usefull answer.
Could i ask you another question?
Yesterday i uploaded 30 gb of files in one drive with cryptomator
This morning onedrive upload a new dir, but i didnt create a new directory in the cryptomator virtual drive. It’s normal?
And why if i wanna download only a file using cryptomator onedrive download all encrypted files?

Yes. The files that onedrive is uploading are the encrypted vault files. These vault files have a complete different file and folder structure than the files and folders you have in the vault (because these files are encrypted). So even if you did not create a folder in your vault, cryptomator might create new folders for the vault structure. See here for details: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.5.0 documentation

Your encrypted vault files are usually local available as well, as long as you do not use a file-on-demand function (aka offline files) with onedrive. But even if you do, there should be no complete vault download every time.

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Well i tried in the same device with remove the local copy with the onedrive function “free space” but when i open the vault with cryptomator onedrive start to redownload all files in vault.
I’ve tried using cyberduck, and in fact he can download only the file i choose, but i dont understand why cyberduck ask for a persistent connection to onedrive, in fact in onedrive app permission cyberduck have a lot of permission, i dont known if this means cyberduck team or server can access on my not encrypted files in onedrive.