Question about new Dokany Release

today a new Dokany Version ( was released.
Can it be used or should we wait better that you implement it in Cryptomator?
It is a problem if the installed Dokany Version was newer than the dokan1.dll in the Cryptomator Folder?

My system info:
OS: Windows 10 2004
Cryptomator: 1.5.5 (exe-166)

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According to Liryna (the Dokany project lead) it is 100% api compatible.

While we haven’t tested it yet, there will be no harm if it doesn’t work. If you’re interested in using it, try the following:

  1. Install Dokany and hope for the best
  2. Only if there are problems, replace C:\Program Files\Cryptomator\dokan1.dll with the newer version from the package
  3. Only if there are problems, reinstall to

Many thanks for the answers.
I tested Points 1 and 2. Both works fine.

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