Question about an unlocked vault

Hi there! My question is: if I’ve unlocked a vault, then during the time the vault is unlocked my pc suddenly powers off (mb lights went out or smth). After I boot my pc again what will happen with my vault. Will it be unlocked because I didnn`t lock it manually? How does unlocking works? Does cryptomator creates some kind of ‘unlocked vault’ file, and after we click ‘lock’ it deletes the file?

No. If you shut down the pc (no matter how) all open vaults will be closed. You have to open them again after restart. But, you can configure that on system startup cryptomator starts and auto open a vault.

See here:

No. Cryptomator creates a virtual file system that shows up like a hard drive.
More details, see documentation here:

Thanks, that’s why I decided to ask here because on the pages you provided is just so little info about how vaults work and what are they. For example here
all you can find here is just some kind of instruction for a user and that’s it.