PSA: Nextcloud WebDAV access from Cryptomator iOS app

I had difficulty configuring my Nextcloud instance using WebDAV through the iOS app.

Many of the recommended Nextcloud URL schemes for DAV/WebDAV did not work with the Cryptomator iOS app.

This one did:


This list should likely be updated: WebDAV URLs of Common Cloud Storage Services

Can anyone confirm this? Which version of Nextcloud are you using? The latest Nextcloud documentation on version 17 still states the URL scheme that we have listed:

But maybe the documentation is outdated or maybe you are actually using ownCloud? Because that fits the URL scheme that works for you.

Hi @tobihagemann – I am using NextCloudPi 1.20.1 and Nextcloud I believe this is the latest version.

Before arriving at the URL scheme noted above, I was getting the same error described in this post regarding WebDAV and Owncloud: iOS app, ownCloud 10.3.1 - http method "OPTIONS" not allowed

Changing the URL scheme resolved that same error for Nextcloud and Cryptomator iOS.

Here is a screenshot. I’m not confused about which software I’m using :wink:

[EDIT: I tried to delete the screenshot for privacy reasons but see that this is impossible,]

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All right, thank you for providing more details. I’ve updated the list to include both possibilities for now since I couldn’t find any further information or documentation on this.

Didn’t want to sound too skeptical, I was just wondering why no one else has reported this by now. :thinking: Thank you again for reporting this!

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Thanks for updating the info!

Can confirm, this is the correct one :+1:!
Thanks for reporting to change it in the docs.