Program access to virtual drive

Hi, I have an automated software which downloads files to a specific path I point to.

With Boxcryptor, I was able to point to my virtual drive (X:), but I can’t seem to do that with Cryptomator as the automated software can’t seem to see the virtual Cryptomator drive (D:).

Is that possible to do?

This should help: Cryptomator on Windows: Accessing your vault with admin priviliges

I have permissions and still have the problem.

Would you know of any reasons why?

How are you accessing the vault? I can access it over the standard file manager and via terminal.

I access through My PC. It’s the D: Drive:

But the Vault is physically here:


Then you are not mounting the vault to a directory, but to a drive letter. Hence, accesing it as an elevated/different user does not work.

Ok. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I now have already moved everything out of Boxcryptor to Cryptomator. Is it possible to simply move the vault to a directory instead of a drive letter? If so, how?


Yes this is possible. You can change the way how your virtual filesystem is integrated any time.
To do it:

  1. Go to app settings and make sure that you have selected “FUSE” (red frames)
  2. open your vault settings (vault must be locked), and change the mount point to your folder where you want to have the unencrypted files to be shown. This folder must exist and has to be empty. (yellow frames)


Thank you, that was the missing piece! :slight_smile:

Follow-up question, is it possible to connect an app on Android that goes to Cryptomator first before going to Dropbox, so all files are encrypted without Dropbox seeing anything?

see here for all OS including Android.

More Info see documentation: Setup — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation
Please note that the android app work different than the desktop app.
You do not mount the vault, the vault is accessed via the android app. No integration in document provider on android so far, but its on the roadmap.

Long time boxcryptor user was just cut off on 12/31/23 - this is exactly my issue also - problem is that my screens do not look at all like this.

I don’t see nearly to options that are listed above.

Which options do you have?

You have to lock the vault at first. Click on the button “Lock” then it will switch to the picture Micheal has posted earlier.

And for the other option you see the drop down menu that says “automatic”? Klick on it. Which options do you have there to choose from? You may need to install fuse.

can’t find the black screen-

when locked - this is what I get when I click on Vault options

this is what I get when i click on Settings:

in settings, under Virtual Drive, Automatic is the default and selected, the other options are: WinFsp, WinFsp (Local Drive), WebDAV (Windows Explorer), and WebDAV (HTTP Address)

To pull back a bit this is what I am trying to do 1) I only want to encrypt the files from my computer that are synced with Dropbox. I run a program (SecondCopy) daily to move the files (unencrypted files on my desktop) that have changed to the “Virtual Folder” for encryption and synchronization via Dropbox. Essentially a daily backup to Dropbox with encrypted data. I just need to be able to refer to the virtual drive via a Drive Letter (in boxcrypter it was the X: drive) so I can tell SecondCopy where to place the changed data.
From all my research this seems do-able in cryptomator. I would think there are a number of people looking for this same solution. If there is a handy set of instructions / setting for this, I would assume several of us coming from boxcrypter could use it. I am trying to accomplish this without having to become an expert on cryptomator.
Let me know if my plan is reasonable.

I got this to work!
I decided to use brute force and was able to get SecondCopy to recognize the cryptomater virtual drive (d:). As I started playing with it, everything was off a level within the first structures. I simply went in and added a folder above my main folder call something like “Cryptomater File Level Holder” and it all works fine. The extra level does not bother me. I tested large amounts of data in complex files structures - No Issues! Thanks for your patience and I hope this might help others!

I should have mentioned - all out-of-the-box setting!